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EOK Customer Testimonials

EOK Technologies defines success based on the results we help our customers achieve. Read some recent customer testimonials to learn more about how EOK Technologies can help you achieve your business goals.

EOK Technologies have consistently delivered their project deliverables on time. Working with them, I am assured my projects are well on schedule and that helps me to focus on other areas of my business.
– A major IT provider
I can blindly rely on EOK Technologies for my IT Staffing needs. EOK Technologies, seem to have a better feel for the local talent market and a better range of contacts than most staffing agencies. You are always assured the right resource with the right skill set.
– A leading high-tech company in India
EOK Technologies does a great job understanding the needs of our business which relieves the pressure to find the ideal candidate that fits our environment.
– A fortune 1000 manufacturing company
EOK Technologies does a thorough job in understanding my needs across the board (skills required, organization's culture, project nuances, personalities, etc.) and in finding candidates that meet the need. They ensure that the candidate is the right fit and presents me with only the best candidates after screening rather than just pasting a logo on top of a resume grabbed from [job boards].
– A fortune 500 telecom company
I rely on EOK Technologies to brief me on the latest Enterprise solutions that can bring value to my company. Over the last 4 years, they have executed several projects wherein the ROI have been instrumental in the success of my company. They provide me with consistently excellent service and communication.
– A world leading furniture manufacturer
I look for a few things when I attend a training class: training support materials and how well I can use them when I return to the real world , trainer’s knowledge and presentation skills, if my questions are properly addressed or not..…And I was satisfied on all these fronts….Excellent job…gold medal quality!
- Deborah Baker , SAP BI Student – EOK Education
I chose EOK because you have the best deal. I don’t mean just pricewise. I mean overall technical content, reading material, lab services, support and convenience also. I am glad I made the decision to join EOK for training.
- Kevin Garland, SAP FICO Student – EOK Education

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