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The planet is getting smarter. Are your IT skills ready for what lies ahead?

In business, it’s all about finding ways to solve problems and delivering value in better ways. In most cases, success requires having the skills and expertise that you need, when you need it.

We develop and deliver training offerings to meet specific needs, including private onsite training services and more online training offerings than ever before. What differentiates EOK Training is our unique blend of deep product expertise and broad insight from hundreds of client engagements. We leverage resources from our world-class consulting practice to develop our training services content and deliver technology consulting and implementation services. This services team provides our clients with the best way to keep current with new technologies to solve their most challenging problems.

The education programs are designed and developed by highly experienced professionals in each specialized domains. The education courses are enriched with years of experience, lessons learned, best practices from the professionals in each technology and process areas. EOK’ Education Center continuously innovates through research on technology, process trends and best practices in various specialized domains. These innovations are continuously applied to EOK’ training program. This ensures EOK’ education program to stay up to the speed with the changes.

We have conceptualized EOK Education practice with main objective of imparting unconventional IT training services and programs for individuals, corporate organizations and online trainees. We provide quality IT training using diverse models such as Online, Onsite, Offshore and blended formats.

EOK Education enables effective and enriched training solutions

We have established a comprehensive training delivery approach using:

  • Training Infrastructure
    Our world-class IT training infrastructure is powered by student-friendly training interfaces, ambience, audio-visual teaching methodologies, rightly planned IT systems along with required software and hardware components, internet connectivity and 24x7 availability.
  • Industry-driven Courses
    We offer IT courses in all the current and emerging IT technologies, software development environment, application suites, enterprise planning environments and so on. We formulate the course contents of the training programs based on IT industry needs. Individual trainees, corporate organization and business establishments can select the single or multiple training programs based on their requirements.
  • Domain Experts as Trainers
    We have a special team of IT domain experts and subject matter experts (SME) as trainers. They impart effective IT training education. We ensure valuable hands-on experience in more real-time manner.
  • Industry Consultants
    We organize special demonstrations and technical interactions with special consultants. They supplement the regular training by our team of faculty and trainers. These consultants can provide effective insights on various emerging trends, processes and standards in a focused area of IT training.
  • Industry Relations
    We build strong relations with various IT organizations to assess the current trends and technologies and customize training programs accordingly. These relations help us in formulating industry-centric course curriculum for various IT training programs.
  • Reference Collateral
    We provide advanced reference material such as online websites, manuals, technical documents and other course content. This material support trainees to understand the various concepts that are part of IT training programs.
  • Superior Teaching
    Methodology We have adopted sophisticated training methodology that includes student – trainer interaction and discussion, industry-centric case study methodology, real-time assignments and research based learning initiatives.
  • Cost-Competitive Course Fee
    We support our organizations to minimize IT training investments. We provide them with training programs based on affordable price structure.

Training Catalog

No Area Course ID Description Duration Content
1 DW DWIS Datawarehouse, ETL (Informatica) and OBIEE 10 Weekends (80 Hrs) Download
2 SAP SPBI SAP- Netweaver Business Intelligence BI 7.0 6 Weekends (48 Hrs) Download
3 SAP SAHR SAP- HCM (Functional) 7 weekends (56 Hrs) Download
4 SAP SASD SAP- Sales & Distribution (Functional) 6 Weekends (48 Hrs) Download
5 SAP SAFI SAP- FICO (Functional) 6 Weekends (48 Hrs) contact
6 SAP SAMM SAP- Material Management (Functional) 6 Weekends (48 Hrs) contact
7 SAP SACR SAP- CRM (Functional) 7 weekends (56 Hrs) contact
8 SAP SAAB SAP- ABAP (Technical) 6 Weekends (48 Hrs) contact
9 SAP SABS SAP- Basis (Technical) 6 Weekends (48 Hrs) Download
10 SAP SAEP SAP- Netweaver Enterprise Portal 7 weekends (56 Hrs) Download
11 SAP SASE SAP- Security with GRC (Technical) 6 Weekends (48 Hrs) contact
12 SAP SASA SAP- BI and HCM Security (Technical) 7 weekends (56 Hrs) contact
13 SAP BOBJ Business Objects (BOBJ) XI-R2 with Xcelsius 6 Weekends (48 Hrs) Download
14 SAP BOBI BO Integration with BI7.0 5 weekends (30 Hrs) contact
15 Oracle ORDB Oracle Apps. DBA (Technical) 6 Weekends (48 Hrs) Download
16 Oracle ORAP Oracle Apps. DBA (Technical) 7 weekends (56 Hrs) Download
17 Oracle ORFI Oracle Apps, Financials (Techno Functional) 7 weekends (56 Hrs) Download
18 SOA ORSO Oracle SOA 6 Weekends (48 Hrs) Download
19 SOA TISO TIBCO SOA 8 Weekends (48 Hrs) Download


Virtual Live Classroom

Today more than ever, everybody including organizations are seeking ways to reduce costs while continuing to strengthen their skills sets. But business operations, support and training can’t just come to a halt.

We have the complete list of online IT courses to be offered using eLearning mode. We offer training through eLearning for individuals anywhere in the world, institutions and corporate organizations.

Our Virtual Live Classrooms in eLearning mode offer the following salient features:

  • Effective Usability
    Our eLearning IT training infrastructure include effective online application with apt usability. We impart the IT training programs using these eLearning applications. These applications enable interactive online discussions, technical brainstorming, interesting and real-time course related assignments.
  • Evolving Environment
    Our eLearning mode of IT training involve evolving and emerging learning ambience that enable trainees /learners to learn, acquire and hone latest IT skills according to their specific needs.
  • Contemporary Concepts
    We adopt advanced training methodology that include real-time case studies, IT domain related concepts, trends and issues. This kind of conceptual teaching model enable them for easy understanding of course curriculum.
  • Feedback Mechanism
    We adopt effective feedback mechanism in eLearning mode of IT training. We make use of the feedback in enhancing the course structure and delivery of the training programs.
  • State-of-the-art Technology
    We use world-class IT infrastructure like robust online applications, database management systems, advanced audio and video support systems and other related applications.

Onsite Training – Check your Carbon Footprint at your door

With travel costs high, travel budgets lean, and time constraints a reality, onsite training from EOK gives you precisely the business and technical training you need, without ever leaving your office.

Conserving Costs Shouldn’t Cost You

Your efforts to conserve costs shouldn’t require you to compromise productivity, flexibility, efficiency and quality. Onsite training from EOK brings highly-regarded instructors and the choice of any of the hundreds of most requested EOK courses, right to your location.

And it’s our pleasure to work with you to customize training to fit your specific needs, IT environment and employees. Here is a real-life situation on EOK’ Onsite Training’s above and beyond performance.

Recently, a major high-tech company in the Bay area, California implemented a SAP Business Intelligence system. The company was anxious to get the IT staff up to speed as quickly and easily as possible. EOK developed and delivered three private onsite SAP BI classes over a nine-week period. The classes included hands-on training directly on the new SAP BI application, and matched the training to employees’ skills and job functions. According to the client, the skill of the instructors and the targeted content of the classes facilitated a smooth implementation towards a faster return on the company’s IT investment.

Corporate Training Programs

We offer IT training for institutions and corporate organizations based on their training requirements and schedules. We provide a special team experts, trainers and consultants to train a group of employees of our clients in onsite, offshore, online manner.

  • Real-time Courses
    We offer corporate IT training programs in real-time manner. We provide customized and time-based IT training programs to address the specific IT training needs of corporate organizations.
  • Specific Time Schedules
    We conduct IT training programs based on the convenient time schedules. We assign exclusive IT training infrastructure and trainers.
  • Onsite / Offsite Delivery
    We organize corporate IT training programs according to the organizations’ training needs. We can conduct these training programs at clients’ location or at our training premises.

Please contact us at with your enquiries on EOK Training Programs. 

As you plan for your training requirements, please contact us for new incentives on our training programs, services and online training courses.

We are here to help you build the skills you need to grow your business.



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