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Enterprise Applications

Consolidating the information available across your organization in disparate systems is the first step toward becoming a better managed company.

The right Enterprise Application (EA) solution will:

  • Increase cost efficiency
  • Make maintenance of technical architecture simpler
  • Automate flow of real-time data between your organization and your customers, suppliers and partners
  • Increase ROI on technology
  • Prepare your enterprise for new e-business opportunities

All these in turn lead to enhancement of your revenue potential.

To help you achieve this, EOK Technologies provides a wide range of EAI practices.

  • Evaluate tools and build the strategy for EA Integration (EAI).
  • Provide scope study, ROI evaluation, risk evaluation and EAI tool productivity analysis
  • Conduct requirement analysis
  • Estimate costs and resource requirements
  • Architect and design an EA solution
  • Implement the end-to-end EA solution
  • Provide post-implementation support and service

Our Model

We help our clients in making their projects successful in every phase of planning, integration, implementation and support. We adopt the accelerated project management delivery methodologies to support our clients. We offer the complete range of services for enterprise application implementation and enhancements. Our service offerings include:

  • Undertaking Solutions / Vendor Assessments
  • Project Planning / Management
  • Project Requirements definition
  • Strategic Staff Augmentation
  • Design and Development
  • Execution and Delivery
  • Establishing and developing the Technology Infrastructure for application hosting, networking, security and data management
  • System Testing
  • Change Management
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • End User Training
  • Total System Support
  • Application Upgrades

Our Expertise. Your Benefit.

EOK Technologies works with you to develop the appropriate solution to achieve your goals. Our approach to Enterprise Application Implementation Services (EAIS) is to treat you as our strategic partner. We'll help you transform your business into an agile enterprise by implementing solutions that cost less to operate and maintain over the life of the application.

We don't just implement enterprise applications – we have the expertise to design, build and manage solutions that drive down your total cost of ownership and maximize your IT's business value.

Built on a foundation of proven capabilities including trained and certified resources, EOK Technologies solutions provide you with the flexibility and responsiveness you need to accommodate your company's growth and objectives while addressing ongoing business and technology changes. We can complete the task on time and within your budget without impacting your business operations. As a result, you'll achieve improved business processes and optimize your operational costs.

Our Emphasis is to serve you comprehensively

We have adopted an enriched global delivery model and have a global team of experts with diverse real-world experience in order to assure our clients in:

Product Selection

EOK can assist you with understanding the breadth of functionality offered by the various available packages and recommend the best fit keeping the business needs and cost considerations in mind.

We can build customized and exclusive Proof of Concepts (PoC) during this process to demonstrate the potential of application being evaluated. We have comprehensive and industry-driven enterprise applications.

Assisting the clients to select apt solutions and applications

Our special emphasis is on:

  • Round-the-clock Access
    We offer our valued clients with the customized computing platforms with 24x7 connectivity.
  • Technology Support
    We support our clients in selecting, sizing and installing technology infrastructure.
  • Integration
    We streamline and fine-tune the infrastructure according to the network, security, data management and hardware needs.
  • Business Outlook
    We provide a stable and productive environment that supports the client’s business requirements.
  • Application Delivery
    Assessing and determining the kind of application delivery either through system outsourcing or Application Service Provider (ASP) hosting based on the viable and cost-effective analysis.

Implementation / Upgrades and Extension

We support clients in implementation, upgrades and extending the enterprise applications. Our feature-rich enterprise applications help the organizations to achieve market share and enhanced competitive advantage. Our applications support the clients in partnering more effectively with their customers and vendors, reduce costs, and increase profit margins.

We provide the complete range of support in implementation to the clients according to their business needs, understanding levels of their users, overall user experience, budgetary constraints and project timelines.

We partner with our clients to help them accomplish their business objectives. We provide them with the entire range of application implementation support in terms of consultants, solutions, tools and technologies. We enable them to derive the maximum value out of their enterprise application investments.

Helping the clients to scale new heights of success in their endeavors

In implementation, upgrading and extending the existing applications, we provide the clients:

  • Enriched Experience
    Our enterprise application experts and consultants provide the required project guidance and implementation support to the world’s leading companies in Small and Mid Business (SMB) arena. We have the domain experts with real-time project planning and business experience, rich industry knowledge, technical know-how and exposure to all the IT functional areas. Thus, we ensure timely delivery of project within the stringent timelines.

    With in-depth industry focus and team of experts, we are poised to support businesses in diverse industry vectors. Our consultants and business professionals support our clients and address their unique application implementation needs.

  • Advanced Applications
    We provide proper implementation support, enterprise workplace enrichment, integration of Business Intelligence systems and Supply Chain Management applications. We support them in upgrading their existing systems to address their real-time business information needs and satisfy their Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

    We enable them to reduce overall costs and support them for effective time-to-market for new product launches. We help them with our collaborative engineering support, optimized data security and document management, product quality management, and product lifecycle management services.

    We provide the required tools, relevant methodologies, authorized software expertise, and rich industry experience to our clients to get the most the latest release solutions and applications. Our team of experts helps the clients in getting the additional application functionality such as Business Information Warehouse, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, and Wireless and Internet technology compliance to maintain and strengthen their competitive edge.

Integration of Applications

We ensure the client to have IT capability inline of their business needs by synchronizing the enterprise application with the IT architecture and operational infrastructure.  We accomplish this through appropriate application integration and middleware installation, system software setup and runtime testing with IT infrastructure. We make use of intra- and inter-application communication to evaluate this aspect.

We use Middleware layered between an application programs, the operating system and network transport services. Application integration and middleware include software products such as message-oriented middleware, integration mediation suites, transaction control monitors, object request mediators, and application servers. We have with us all the required resources and expertise to support our clients to make the best use of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

We have an advanced approach that integrates applications and information previously isolated in individual silos to enable them to efficiently share information with one another information resources and systems. We provide entire range of application integration in Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) environments with legacy systems using middleware (such as MQSeries, CORBA and MSMQ), N-tier component-based architecture and communication technologies.

Integrating applications for effective business performance

To give real emphasize, our Enterprise Application Integration practice includes expertise in:

  • Legacy Migration and Modernization
    Our approach to Legacy Migration and Modernization is closely integrated with our model of Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Application integration. We accentuate the need to leverage the huge commercial enterprise investments which are currently locked in legacy systems. Our detailed approach includes the exposure of legacy business processes and applications to be integrated into new architectural environments through application patches, wrapping and Web services.

  • System Integration and Web Services
    We emphasize on comprehensive System Integration and Web Services to focus on in-depth analysis and design with the strong business intent. We support clients in designing and delivering service-oriented, component based architectures, covering data, applications, and process integration and driven by industry best practices and benchmarks.

Managing, Optimizing and Supporting

We provide the comprehensive managing, optimizing and supporting services for clients in the post-implementation period for effective usage of enterprise applications. We deliver the complete range of support services to our valued clients in 24x7 basis.

Providing proactive support for better business continuity

We provide:

  • Technical Maintenance Services - with proactive monitoring, preventative upgrading initiatives and production system improvements
  • User Support Services - with Level 1, 2, and 3 user-related management activities
  • Remote Support - to monitor, control and improvise the operation response time and overall performance of various technical components of the system such as Operating System, Database Management, Middleware, Application Server and Web Server
  • System Knowledge Management Services - to acquire, aggregate, accredit, and accumulate information in a role-based, time sensitive manner to improve the overall maintenance of the system
  • Performance Tuning Services – to analyze the trends, assess performance problems, compare alternatives, design solutions, and deploy system testing using Six Sigma techniques to quantitatively justify the solution approach
  • Business Process Streamlining Services – to compare the business process execution with alternatives available in the system to identify possible improvements and application enhancements


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