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Talent Deployment

Today, the last differentiator in a world of product, service, marketing, and information commoditization is TALENT. The true DNA of any organization is the culture, the people – the talent. Talent is the sole source of sustained innovation – historically the foundation of competitive differentiation, performance, and value creation.

Why EOK?

EOK successfully configures talent solutions for specific business needs to dramatically improve business performance. Today leading organizations use EOK talent deployment services to assess, acquire, develop, and align their workforce for improved business performance.

EOK Center of Excellence is more than just a resource center. We provide continual business process improvements to enhance the business users, end user, and IT operations. Aligned with your company's business objectives, we provide solutions and support that help drive business success and maximize the value from your existing investment.

Our experienced professionals use a well-defined set of assessment, transition, and long-term processes to deliver affordable and highly responsive business process improvements throughout the life cycle.

EOK Center of Excellence provides our strategic partners with business and technology experts to leverage enterprise offerings and provide the maximum benefit to business, technology and end-user communities. Business analytics, process improvements, application management, application development, upgrades, and global rollouts are all part of our offerings.


Real-time, closed-loop communication between candidates and potential employers is critical. EOK Technologies employs some of the best talent deployment techniques and helps companies expand their workforce. We also help companies upgrade their processes in line with their demand for skilled man power which, at times is the biggest challenge faced them given the short notice for relocation and on-boarding. The same is achieved with an optimal cost thus benefiting the client and the individual on a 24/6 basis.

Industry Benefits : Diversity in Expertise

EOK Technologies talent deployment services are aimed at spotting talent both with expertise and experience in diverse technology areas. We pride in identifying talent from top notch R&D and Product Development companies that are into ERP, Telecom, Datacom, Semiconductor Design and EDA domains. From Executive Sr. Management to a Systems Engineer, EOK Technologies is your partner to get the right talent on-board to deliver high-performance results.

EOK Technologies has a capability in recruiting which goes beyond traditional computer searches, advertisements and resume files. It includes personal, confidential contact with business leaders and expert referrals in key industries throughout the region. Our commitment is to provide our clients a selection of the finest qualified candidates available in the market. To meet this end, we limit our pursuits of assignments to a few clients within a given business in order to minimize potential conflicts of interest and therefore, broaden the scope of our search activities. More importantly, we accept only the assignments that we are qualified to undertake on the basis of our professional expertise and we are confident to deliver the best result.

EOK Technologies database is rich with multi-platform professionals like ASIC Engineers, Firmware Engineers, FPGA Engineers,  Board Design Engineers, DSP Design Engineers,  Protocol Developers,  Telecom Consultants (Billing and Development), RF Engineers, Interface Developers, Consultants including  ERP Consultants (Functional and Technical), EAI, ETL Engineers and System Integration Engineers.

We have specialists in fields like Embedded and Networking Technologies, DatawareHouse, CRM and Microsoft/Sun Technologies. This helps us connect with organizations easily because we speak your language and understand your concerns and specifications.

Quick response time:
When you want to recruit, we understand that you would like to do it quickly. Our sharp recruitment methods help you find the right candidate in the shortest time.

Only the right fit:
EOK Technologies - selection and recruitment processes are an amalgamation of scientific approach and good people skills. We don't bombard our clients with irrelevant profiles. We understand that your time is valuable. We put candidates through stringent psychometric assessment tests that help us analyze their personality. This ensures that we get only the best candidates to attend your interviews. 

Cost effective:
By getting the right candidate for your organization with a database of consultants across the globe who matches your management style and work culture, EOK Technologies reduces the attrition rate of your company. Happy candidates stay longer in their jobs and hence the cost of frequent recruitment is brought down considerably. Employees, who are satisfied with their jobs, work harder and produce better results for the company. 

Customized Talent Deployment Solutions:

EOK Technologies - Deployment solutions seamlessly integrate tested research approaches with experience and industry requirements. We know the professionals at all levels in our specialty fields. We know the questions to ask when doing references in order to obtain the depth of knowledge a client needs to make the right choice. We take particular pride in finding candidates having the required skill set and the personal traits that fit the culture and team chemistry of the client organization. If desired, we also assist our clients / candidates with employment contract negotiations.

At EOK Technologies, we more than just help candidates find a job. We offer life-long job strategies to maximize candidate’s job satisfaction and income. We keep a balance between the needs of our clients by being sensitive towards the latter's ambitions, preferences and Marketable skills. Our consultants are committed to completing each assignment with speed, accuracy and most important, total client and aspirant satisfaction.

  • Our clients are exclusively the companies that engage us to do specific searches, not the candidates.
  • As a prospective candidate, you will work directly with experienced, highly skilled principals.
  • Without your knowledge your resume will not be forwarded to a client
  • An in-depth interview and reference checking will be done with your approval for the selection.


The core of our mission is to deliver as per the client’s expectations with the best of talent with the minimum turnaround time. For this we have acquired an extensive network of industry acquaintances that can help our clients in satisfying their day-to-day recruitment needs across industrial technologies as given below.
Our STRENGTHS which, form part of our differentiators and that distinguish us from our competitors in the marketplace are:

  • Extensive industry expertise
  • Broad and evolving service offerings
  • Global Delivery/Outsourcing, Global Support and Application Development Capabilities
  • Expertise in business transformation and staff augmentation
  • Continued updating of skills and technology as per industry requirements
  • Commitment to the long-term development of our employees
  • Proven and experienced management team

Technology Expertise:

Talent Deployment Models

In the fiercely competitive and demanding business environment, cost savings in tandem with greater efficiency and productivity is the need of the hour. Apart from cost savings, EOK Technologies also assures improved internal utilization, access to superior competency and benefits from economies of scale.

  • Temp Deployment
    EOK Technologies is a seamless extension of the client's IT organization. We offer Temporary Recruitment solutions to our clients who may require skilled professionals to work on short-term, time bound or skill specific projects. This contingent workforce is chosen after a complete understanding of the Company's information technology situation, objectives and constraints. We deploy our consultants at locations that the client may specify, they are demobilized upon completion of the project or the time-frame specified.

    We ensure our consultants have
    • Considerable experience working for Multinational organizations.
    • Awareness of quality processes
    • Extensive experience in existing and emerging technologies in their domain.
    • Ensure project continuity by filling short-term needs
    • Benefit from the skills transfer from consultant to permanent staff.
    • Evaluate prospective new hires first hand.
    • Reduce the financial and administrative burden by outsourcing pay rolling.
    • Minimize your financial exposure by retaining specialized talent for only as long as required
  • Permanent Deployment
    EOK Technologies is a rapidly growing Recruitment Services Companies in India offering systematic & streamlined solutions to organizations across the globe.

    EOK Technologies has been offering "direct-hire" solutions to several organizations, for diverse platforms and levels of relevant experience. The methods of "direct-hire" involve a concentrated search, an intense assessment practice followed by the clients’ interview.

    We have been preferred partners, we customize recruitment solutions to aid organizations build upon an intelligent & contributive workforce, as well as help professionals actualize their career aspirations.

Integrated Talent Management

EOK Technologies believes that these areas work together to maximize the contribution of the workforce - Technology enablement and process improvements help the organization to “do things right,” while strategy development and management guide the organization to “do the right things.”

Integrated Talent Management implementations cannot be completely successful without both aspects, and only EOK Technologies delivers solutions that help organizations achieve both of these objectives through its unique combination of resourcing, managing and deployment in all the technology expertise across the domains. 

  • Top Level Deployment
    We specialize in Top Level Deployment. Over the years we havesuccessfully placed software/ hardware engineers, consultants and have placed Senior executives from CEO, CFO, Director level to many a management positions in engineering, sales and marketing. 

    With a relatively high percentage success in placing the resources, EOK Technologies is one of the best partners you can rely on.

  • Mid-Level Deployment
    EOK Technologies can help you turn talent acquisition into a performance advantage with the most comprehensive and efficient mid-level recruitment service in the market. We deploy talent from entry level to Executive Sr. Management positions by applying our Integrated Talent Management philosophy. With offices around the world, a proprietary global candidate database, and domain expertise across all major industries, we take a strategic approach to acquiring the mid-level talent your company needs to succeed.

    Our consultants begin by understanding your company’s unique culture, recruitment processes, and specific requirements for individual hires. Drawing on multiple sourcing channels, an extensive database of pre-screened candidates, and micro-targeting within identified companies, our consultants accelerate the recruitment process and deliver the ideal candidates for your organization.

Organizations that utilize EOK Technologies Integrated Talent Management Framework will help organizations successfully deploy the right talent with the right combination as per the exact requirement with a minimum turnaround time.

EOK Technologies benefits:

  • EOK Technologies has its presence in different parts with database of candidates spread across the globe
  • We deliver results by performing focused searches to identify talent to fit the clients emerging needs.
  • Clients partner with EOK Technologies technology recruitment consultants to attain client goals with the help of professionals who have diverse backgrounds in existing and emerging technologies.
  • Provide hands-on involvement throughout the selection process.
  • Ease the client's burden of extensive advertising and interviewing.
  • EOK Technologies database is rich with multi-platform professionals like ASIC Engineers, Firmware Engineers, FPGA Engineers,  Board Design Engineers, DSP Design Engineers,  Protocol Developers,  Telecom Consultants (Billing and Development), RF Engineers, Interface Developers, Consultants including  ERP Consultants (Functional and Technical), EAI, ETL Engineers and System Integration Engineers.





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