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EOK Technologies has delivered business solutions in the Internet/J2EE consistently and has been at the forefront of creating and deploying smarter applications for enterprises, as well as for SMBs. Today it offers a wide range of services, from legacy modernization to portalization, E-Business suites, web services & SOA implementation, to content management and grid computing.

Offering everything under the Sun

We help our valued clients through offshore delivery model to reduce their development cost and improve their scalability aspects. We provide support in J2EE Application Development, Jboss, Java Struts, JavaBeans (EJB), J2me, J2SE, DBC, Tomcat, JRun, WebSphere JNDI, JAAS, XDoclet, JavaMail, JNI, RMI, JMS, Sync4j, web services and so on. We have rich experience in developing enterprise solutions based on Sun J2EE platform.

We have dedicated Sun J2EE development practice at our offshore application development center. We have with us trained and experienced Java Developers and software engineers who handle the assignments of development, consulting and training. We also provide our team with constant training on latest development in Sun J2EE arena.

We support startup, small, medium and large enterprises in implementing projects on Sun J2EE platform. With the advantage of component-oriented programming of Sun J2EE, we offer the comprehensive support to the clients in customized software development, maintenance, application testing in offsite mode and implementation of existing and emerging applications.

We have real-time experience in developing enterprise applications, solutions, eCommerce applications using the Sun J2EE technology platforms for some of our valued clients.

Java/J2EE/J2ME Development

We have strong domain expertise in Java / J2EE and J2ME development environments. We have adopted the following objectives for the same:

  • Implementing the key features of applications for effective use of clients.
  • Developing the applications according to J2EE Design and development guidelines.
  • Developing the reusable components that can be easily used in diverse applications and solutions.
  • Enabling the applications to have scalability with N-tier architecture.
  • Implementing the Java in technical applications and solutions.
  • Addressing the issues and problems in applying Java technology.
  • Developing a technical knowledge forum to share and gain information, skills and knowledge among Java developers

Our Credentials:

  • Over 10+ person years of in-depth knowledge in J2EE
  • Extensive experience in creating and delivering end-to-end solutions
  • Expertise in .NET and other MS Technologies application development
  • Wide range of enterprise management functions and remote support
  • Deliver solutions on time and on budget

Our Offerings Your Benefits
Re-engineering legacy web systems with next generation Technologies Leverage Web 2.0 technologies to improve business process efficiencies and end-user experience
Portal Solutions Reduce IT support costs by integrating heterogeneous applications and infrastructures
Enterprise (B2B, A2A) Integration Solutions Reuse and Extend the life of legacy assets and enterprise data by offering services and share data with business partners, customers, and other information systems
Grid Technology enablement Leverage unused processing power of your computers by re-distributing your processing-intensive applications using next generation technologies
Mobile Business solutions Extend your enterprise applications to energize your mobile workforce
Wireless content delivery Make your enterprise content location-aware and ensure that your content is at the right place at the right time securely
Business and system analysis and documentation Re-engineer your business processes to support efficient work-flows and be more productive

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Fax: (480) 452-0880
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