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Specialized E-Business Solutions, Applications, and Software for all Industry Verticals

E-Commerce has radically changed the way business is conducted. With increased global growth opportunities comes the challenge of serving geographically dispersed customers, suppliers, and employees efficiently.

EOK E-Business Services covers the entire spectrum of B2B and B2C solutions to address all of your E-Commerce needs. From procurement to payment processing, Web-based eCommerce solutions are creating new opportunities, streamlining processes and integrating operations. In the past few years, the Web has opened new opportunities apart from doing eCommerce on the Web, like social networking sites, eLearning applications, etc. The right partner — one with proven expertise in extending business processes to the Web can help you maximize process improvement and operational savings that can be attained from implementing Web solutions.

EOK’s eBusiness consulting solutions deliver measurable value, incorporating a broad range of technologies. We provide high-performance eBusiness and eCommerce solutions to help our clients provide the high levels of quality and service required for competitive differentiation.

We build and implement end-to-end e-Business services and solutions that seamlessly integrate with diverse business applications. For example, EOK’s portfolio of successful Web projects includes Web Portals, Social Networking sites, Customer relationship management applications, content management and Workflow solutions, eLearnings portals, storefronts, integration with back-end applications, Web-enabling of legacy applications, and ERP systems integration with Web Applications.

Our expertise spans a wide range of industries including insurance, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, energy and utilities. EOK’s  comprehensive suite of eBusiness services and solutions includes:

Our valuable insights will add quality and efficient operational technologies that include Java, J2EE, EJB, XML, DB2, and Mercury and Rational testing tools, to benefit your company.

We effectively build, deploy, and maintain high performing, web-based applications that are cost-effective, scalable and successful.

For more information on how EOK can help your organization, contact us.

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