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Enterprise Portal, Collaboration, and Knowledge Management

An Enterprise Information Portal integrates information and applications across the enterprise to provide a single, integrated tool for execution, management and closed-loop decision-making.  Enterprise Portal can provide users with a single, role-based entry point into legacy systems such as SAP R/3; as well as databases, documents, web content, other data sources and a variety of applications.

Organizations can achieve high-performance by investing in portals, intranet (employee facing) as well as extranet (customer facing), as portals reduce operational costs, increase return on investments, improves collaboration and unlocks the knowledge of the existing enterprise. Today, companies are faced with the challenges of having a predictable and sustainable portal investment, unification of information silos, and control and governance over information flow.

We ensure that companies realize the tangible benefits of portals across the value chain for more efficient customer service, supply chain response, employee collaboration, and knowledge sharing. We deliver portal solutions for varied industry verticals leveraging leading platforms and technologies in a vendor-independent manner. Our vast library of reusable assets includes standard portlets, components, algorithms, and industry leading best practices, which helps us in delivering high-quality portal solutions.

Business Benefits

  • Adoption: A tool to enable improved decisions/management
  • Accuracy: Consistent and accurate data across systems
  • Efficiency: Single source for integrated data
  • Self-Service: An intuitive tool and personalized experience
  • Access: Anytime and anywhere access to any information
  • Reduced costs of systems development

EOK Capabilities/Implementation Services

  • User Experience and design
  • Strategy, design and deployment of Enterprise Portal Solutions
  • Employee Self-service Portal solutions (Intranet)
  • Partner Self-service solutions - Customer, Distributor and Supplier self-service (Extranet)
  • Information delivery and collaboration using Portal technologies
  • Integration of SAP and non-SAP systems using Portal technology
  • Content creation, management and delivery (SAP, Internet and Web Services)
  • Business Intelligence, Executive decision support and Reporting  
  • Knowledge Management - Document Authoring, Workflow, Indexing and Retrieval
  • User training and change management

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