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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Globalization, shortening product lifecycles, shifting demand patterns, channel consolidation and outsourced operations add to the complexity of the supply chain. Yet a well functioning supply chain is one of the single biggest sources of competitive advantage for any manufacturer. And it all begins with an ability to understand demand and build the optimal supply plan.

Supply and Demand Planning Services

EOK Technologies has an in-depth understanding of the demand and supply planning issues in several industries, including high technology, semiconductors, consumer packaged goods, food products and discrete manufacturing. We understand the best practices in demand planning including Consensus Forecasting, Lifecycle Planning, Promotion Planning and Collaborative Demand Planning. We also have a deep understanding of supply planning issues including the centralized planning model, simultaneous consideration of material and capacity constraints, exception based planning, what-if decision making, integration of planning and execution, sub-contracting/co-packing, safety stock planning, etc.

EOK supply chain planning services include:

  • Assessment of existing demand and supply planning processes.
  • Recommendation of process improvements to reduce costs and improve service levels
  • Implementation of demand and supply planning solution
  • Customization of SCM software to map to clients’ specific requirements
  • Development of specific extensions to the SCM software to address the unique requirements of these industry segments
  • Risk assessment of SCM implementations being performed either by in-house staff or by other services organizations
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